Tuesday, February 10, 2004

You take one shower and...

I was in the shower yesterday afternoon and received two voicemail messages. One from an agent that I am hoping will sign me. We are meeting in the morning. The other from an acting coach, Gerald Gordon, that I am hoping will let me study with him. (I'll have to go through an interview process and audition to be his student.)

So far I have been struck with how much of this industry is waiting to have a phone call returned. Until now in my life I have normally been the guy that people waited for a phone call from...now its the other way around. It is humbling and makes me feel a little bad about my tendancy to wait a few days to return calls. (I have always had a slight fear of speaking on the phone...I know its strange, but with the exception of about 10 people I have to force myself to pick up a phone and dial. I guess its some form of shyness. Phone calls are very intimate compared to other forms of communication...enough about my oddities...)

I also received another call today from yet another agency. I will wait and see how tomorrow goes before calling them back.

On another note, TnT is directed by one of the original writers, a man named Larry who lives in NYC and visits us every few months. He will be here this week and they have finally scheduled my to play my other part (Barry) while he is here. It could help my chances to go five nights per week there.

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