Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keepin' Busy

This week went by very fast for me. Five auditions and two cold reading workshop classes made for a lot of time commuting. Today I read for a commercial for a Japanese chewing gum that is made of green tea and claims to prevent tooth decay. I did very well and hope to hear was a comedic improv audition. I was playing a dumb American...the role I was born for I think.

I rather butchered my Philly accent at the Hardees commercial on Monday, but beyond that I feel like I'm auditioning better than ever. I'm going up to Vegas tomorrow to meet with some people who might be interested in making a feature film with my production company. I will turn around and head back Sunday.

The packing officially starts tomorrow here at the apartment as we prepare to move across the street in just seven days. Next week will be busy as well. I'm back on General Hospital for at least one day apart from getting ready for the big move Saturday.

I taught on Jonah and Matthew 12 tonight at The Crossing. They are now posting my teachings online at Look for the "Lifelines Messages" and you can listen online or podcast if you want.

That oughtta do it for tonight. I have to get up early and hit an audition in Venice Beach before driving to my meeting in Vegas.

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Unknown said...

Nice GH today. You got a little more screen time. I am so jelous!