Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend wrap-up

This concludes a very active weekend. I had four auditions and had to turn another one down because I couldn't fit it in on Saturday. I have another tomorrow at 20th Century Fox. It will be my first time at FOX and I always love being at the big studios. I'm auditioning for a non-speaking role on a sit-com pilot. I would play a Russian basketball player.

Eli and Aidan got haircuts today and are looking quite daper. Debbie turns 32 in a few days! We are the same age for about three weeks each year and then I'll lap her again. 33 is just around the corner for me. Most people date Jesus' death at that age and I've always associatde that number with him and his life. I feel it will be a year of communion with him in a new way.

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