Friday, March 10, 2006

Producing, Following

I went to the SAG Signatory Seminar at SAG HQ last night to learn more about producing low budget indie films. It was helpful in that regard, but I also discovered that I happened to be one of the only actors in a room full of producers. I was able to give my card to a few people...I felt very sly.

Out of nowhere I have four auditions this weekend. I officially give up on trying to figure anything out in that regard. Take them as they come.

I'm meeting in a few hours with a potential partner for my LLC, Rebel Pilgrim Productions. I have about ten projects that could or could not happen this year and I'm realizing that I need help on the business side.

Lifelines is tonight and it will be nice to continue the journey through Matthew. We are in chapters 11 and 12 now and Rabbi Yeshua continues to reveal himself as a radical socio-economic revolutionary, mystic teacher and powerful leader. I regret how misunderstood he is in our culture, particularly among the religious. But why should we expect him to be any more palatable today then he was when they killed him? It's nice to be a part of the revolution.

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