Thursday, March 16, 2006

Little Good Things

This week so far has been good. Tonight Debbie and I celebrated her birthday at our favorite new restaurant around the corner from our house. It's called Chat Noir, and it ain't cheap. But it was a wonderful birthday treat.

I've also had some auditions come in. One Friday for an AFTRA industrial, a film next week and an interview for another film project. Still working on some of my own projects and enjoying easing back into a producing role.

Just 15 more days until we move into the house...excited to get in, just a little less than excited to pack again.

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steve&jules said...

Happy Birthday Debs!!!- oh how I miss her:) Hope you all had a precious time together celebrating your beautiful the way- how would they be able to tell you were russian if you didn't talk?;)jc<><