Thursday, August 17, 2006

Big Audition Tomorrow

I'm heading over to the SONY to read for Adam Sandler's new film. Guess what? I'd play a preacher. I think this movie will be funny. For a while it was called "Chuck and Buck", but the sides called it "Chuck and Larry." I just read about it in Entertainment Weekly. The part has several lines and concludes with the preacher getting punched by Kevin James...would be great fun.

The commercial went fine today. I met George Clinton. He was very funkadelic. I spent most of the day sprinting down a Burbank culd-e-sac in my business suit...chasing an ice cream truck. Yeah...Hollywood is glamorous. It was a national promo, which means no residuals.

I'll be over at Saddleback church tomorrow and the next day for a recovery conference during the hours that I'm not auditioning.

Hyper-busy week.

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Alicia said...

Just reading your post, makes me tired. Things are good though I hope!