Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Booked a National Commercial...

I booked a commercial for tomorrow featuring George Clinton...gotta get my funk on I guess. It's a comedy spot that will be largely improvised...I'll be the playing the white guy in a suit. That's happy good news. On the producing front, the MY TAKE winners have been announced. (See link over on this side -->) Now we start the effort to produce the five films. I'm in the middle of seeking co-producers/investors now. If you have any leads, shoot me an e-mail.

All of this and I'm planning on going to a Recovery conference Thursday and Friday with some folks from Lifelines. Big thanks to Kris Brown for helping us with our kids this week...some weeks are harder than others to manage two careers and two kids.

I think we are going to go to the Block at Orange tonight to celebrate the commercial with a round of family bowling. Good times.

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Linda said...

I wrote the MILE HIGH CLUB.
Linda Delmonico Prussen