Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I did an audition with The Groundlings in LA to gain entrance into their training center. It wasn't for a job or anything, more for the right to give them money. But it was interesting to do my first Holllywood audition. I found out that I was accepted to study Improv with them and will probably begin in October. It will involve traveling there and back in the same day with my friend Noah. It feels like the next step toward the mystery I'm walking into.

I had a mildly depressing day today. I just felt sad and sleepy. I freak myself out whenever I have a sad day because I don't want to become the Joe of years past who was constantly depressed. I feel like the alcoholic who has been sober for nine months and wakes up one morning really wanting a drink. I feel better now. I'm learning how to be a content person with some sad days instead of a sad person with some content days.

This week is busy. A storytelling gig, leading a retreat, finishing the "In the Beginning" script, and an all-day staff meeting with Apex. Should be both exciting and exhausting.

Peace to you.

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