Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Long Day

Must get sleep...It's 2:45 in the a.m. and I came by the office to send some emails that had to go out tonight. Today was eventful. It started in Indiana...went east to Cincy to catch a flight to Vegas. Got home. Bought some new pants. Went to the hizouse. Took a shower and went to my impov show. It was hella fun. I wish I could have performed more. My class did really well. The advanced students were great-they gave us something to shoot for. Since then I've been hanging out with the whole Las Vegas Second City community. For the first time I started to see us become genuine friends. They are a gift to me.

The time with Deb's family was good, but rather uneventful. I think that everyone was all "mourned out" when I got there. I was content to be quiet and think about Angie in my own way.

I'm considering taking these five lifetime vows...a thought that bombarded me on the plane:

1. Fidelity-faithfulness to God, my wife and kids

2. Community-sharing all I am and all I have with my friends

3. Simplicity-removing the distraction of unimportant things

4. Honesty-valuing truth and never manipulating others

5. Prayer-being with God everyday

We'll see what happens

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