Friday, September 05, 2003

I Love Jesus

I've had a few people quote scriptures at me lately to try to persuade me that I am too wordly. Maybe they are right. I've noticed that it is never Jesus they quote though. I feel very OK with Jesus these days. St. Paul might have a word or two with me...who knows? I'm still a little confused on some of his stuff.

Just trying to be faithful. There is nothing harder. Being faithful to God is the most difficult process that I have ever entered into. It's surprising how many people are so sure that you are not being faithful by looking at your life from afar. It is ironic that the very things they see in you as unfaithfulness are the very results of some previously scary and difficult leap of faith.

I'm not a normal Christian anymore. I piss off most normal Christians if I spend too much time with them...not because so much of what I say, but because of who I am. I have no desire to piss them off. I'm so done with the religious rebel persona. It just happens...

And now some of my friends are experiencing it too. I wish I could take it away, but I can't. They will grow through it.

Father, forgive them (and me)...we know not what we do.

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