Thursday, September 25, 2003



Needed: M/F improvisational actors to help create and perform an original Christmas program.

The Show: “A Christmas of Convenience”, an original Saga production.

The show is mixed media film and theater in which five strangers are robbed and locked in the storeroom of a convenience store on Christmas morning. The actors will join the director and producer in creating the script based upon the characters that are developed.

The show will be staged five or six nights over the first two weeks of December, 2003.

The principals will be paid a minimum of $150. They will also receive a writing credit.

Rehearsals are key since a large part of the dialogue and action will be created through improvisation. Rehearsals will begin the week of October 20 and run twice weekly, perhaps more frequently as the show nears. Actors will also need to be available for shooting film throughout the month of November.


Wed. Oct. 8: 4pm-10pm

Thu. Oct. 9: 10am-1pm, 7pm-10pm

Mon. Oct 13: 7pm (callbacks if needed)

Call 702-396-8447 to schedule.

Auditions will be held at Apex (4874 W. Lone Mountain Road at Decatur)

Headshot and Resume desired.

Create a fully realized character inspired by one of the phrases listed below. You will be asked to improvise as this person (and possibly others). We are looking for characters that are both interesting and believable.

A convenience store clerk

A successful workaholic

A suicidal depressive

A religious zealot

A sidewalk Santa

An “out-of-towner”

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