Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Because he isn't who you think he is.

Because he is radical, rebellious and revolutionary.

Because he is wiser than Master Yoda, more powerful than Gandalf the Gray, and more beautiful than Nicole Kidman.

Because he parties with mobsters, philosophizes with drunken sailors, and accepts generous financial considerations from known whores.

Because he preaches without a church, pontificates without a theology degree, and pastors without a paycheck or a 401(k).

Beacause he dances at weddings, cries at funerals, and goes mental at religious flea markets.

Because he loves the unbearable, heals the unimportant and befriends the unclean.

Because he is my friend, hero, master, big brother, and reason to get up in the morning.

Because he's all I know. That's why I love him.

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