Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This and That

Condensing my thoughts into a workable entry seems much more difficult than it used to be. Overall, things seem to be going well. I haven't worked at Tony n' Tina's four of the last seven weeks. I go back Saturday. More and more of my work is taking me to LA...either for auditions or actual work. I just feel a little mixed up. I did a wedding for a very nice couple at Sunset Station last weekend. And every few minutes I just felt myself being disoriented. I can't truly explain it, except that I kept feeling like I was in some strange city doing something that I had never done before. Maybe it was just being on the other side of town after spending a week in LA, but it was very odd.

Easter was good. It was very nice to teach at Apex. I've missed teaching. I want to do it more often. My faith is "settling" after a few years of quakes and darkness.

Career stuff is just plain goofy. Sometimes I feel like I'm destined to be a real working actor...then the next day I'm looking into real estate, or teaching, or dealing poker...

The boys are growing up and starting to show their talents and desires. Eli is really loving math. Aidan's a natural with a football and a frisbee. It's fun to watch.

I'll end this strange meandering with my favorite films of the year...

1. Garden State
2. Million Dollar Baby
3. Anchorman (I can't help how much I love Will Ferrell.)
4. The Aviator
5. Sideways

Overall, not my favorite year for movies.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Me-Vo...or Ti-Joe...

I'll be on your TV set twice this week...or only once if you don't have cable...or not at all if you don't turn it on.

Sunday, March 20: Travel Channel, "Vegas Urban Legends" 8pm and 11pm. (I play the guy choking on a poker chip...)

I also just got word that I will be shooting a spot on Sunday that will air this week either Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess a few people watch this show:

American Idol on Fox. I play the lead in a music video/Ford commercial with the Idols. It's the first thing that I've landed from an LA audition. It's pretty cool. I'm a little concerned about the cheese-factor...but it's my first network gig!

I've already filmed two other TV projects coming later this year: Breaking Vegas (History Channel) and Quake (BBC/Discovery Channel.)

I guess I'm almost an actor now...weird.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Still Alive...

Much has happened since my last post. The film is in the can as they say...being edited as we speak. The whole process was much more taxing than I thought it would be. I've gotten a lot of work lately. Things are good there.

Much is uncertain. When I think about the future I become both excited and frightened. I truly have no idea where we will be or what we will be doing in a year or two.

I have grown closer to God of late. Hard to explain, but I desire him more than I have recently. I feel as though a fog has lifted. My heart is seeking more and I sense a new expression of ministry on the idea what that means, but a sense...