Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another One

I shot another sit-com pilot tonight. It was a lot of fun...much like the last one. It's independent without a buyer, being shopped, etc. We shot it in a studio near downtown LA. Desperate Housewives is shooting there next week. Pretty cool. I was to be a guest star, but they had me improv a bunch and bumped me up to series regular. I go back one day next week as well. (That's a big deal if it does get picked up...not so much if it doesn't.)

No word on the four auditions from Wednesday, but I did my best at all of them. I would like to land a commercial soon to have some residual paychecks roll in. It's really freakin' expensive to live here.

I got my SAG card in the mail yesterday. It does make everything seem more real and legitimate. All that and we hooked up our Tivo this week. (It was our Christmas gift to each other.) It's way cool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Four auditions tomorrow. Three of them came in after 6pm today. That beats the previous record of three in one day. Just call me the Kobe of auditioning.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Slowing Down

I took Aidan to school this morning, came back home and crashed until noon. I haven't had a full night's sleep in over a week. It was nice to catch up. No auditions yet for this week. I'm shooting a small role in a TV Pilot called "The Imposter" this weekend though.

It's nice to be home...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Comedy Show Tonight (Sat)

Some of you asked....and this was the easiest way to let everyone know. I'll be performing with the OC Crazies tonight at 8pm.


DePietro Performance Center and Don Cribb Theater
809 N Main St.
Santa Ana, CA

I think tix are $15...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Keepin' On

I joined SAG earlier this week, so I'm a real actor now I guess. No getting around it really. It means, at least at first, that auditions will slow down a bit. I'm no longer permitted to do projects that are non-union. I read for a small roll in a Sharon Stone movie and also had an interesting audition for Hugh Jackman's body double in another. Normally it wouldn't be too exciting to be a body double, but it sounds like this is a green screen thing where I would actually be acting a lot opposite of Hugh...I think he's very talented so that would be cool if it happens.

I have another audition tomorrow for a romantic comedy. So...a few less auditions since joining, but from here on out they will all be worthwhile projects.

I leave for Las Vegas to do some convention work Monday. I'll have to work eight hour days like a grown-up. Good pay though.

For you OC locals, I will be performing in a sketch comedy show with the OC Crazies on Saturday, January 21. It's the same theater as last time. I'll post the details here next week.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mac Attack

I just want to thank Miah, Greg and Robb for convincing me that I need a Mac. However, I think that they should take their passion to the next level and organize an international fund-raising effort for the cause. I mean, talk is cheap. I'd be happy to accept the check for such a worthy cause.



Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can I do today over again?

All of my technology has conspired against me...

I dropped my Blackberry into the toilet. Let me know when you are done laughing.


Ok. So I had to buy a new one today. Turns out they cost more the second time around. That's why they are also called Crackberries.

The good news is I had my old one backed up on my home computer so I wouldn't have to re-enter all of my info. The bad news is my home computer is currently the technological equivelant of sandstone. (By the way, thanks for the help Miah, but it won't even let me get online to download the program. I'm going to have to take it to a pro.)

It's days like this I want to be Amish...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Computer Virus

Argh. I was doing a websearch for this director that I worked with last year and my computer was attacked by "spysheriff" adware. It has shut down everything including access to the internet, norton anti-virus, and even the ability to click on "my computer." If you have had this happen please post a comment as to what I should do...

Until then I'll be suffering by using my laptop only...I know, it's rather sad.