Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things progress...

Nothing too exciting or devestating to report. School is going a little better for Eli it seems. My audition classes end this weekend and I can tell that I am auditioning better. Hopefully they will pay off, or at least pay for themselves, by helping book something soon. The sit-com progresses. We may shoot in two weeks. An OC based improv troupe has expressed an interest in me joining...which would be a nice return to the roots of it all. They want me to come watch them preform this weekend. I'm writing a bit more when I can find the time. Lots of creative plates spinning right now.

Debbie is at a rehearsal tonight for Lifelines, the recovery service. We have a band and sing the last friday of the month. It's also birthday night when people get chips for years of sobriety. I really enjoy those weeks.

For all of my talk about TV last blog I really only watch three shows every week: LOST, SNL and Commander in Chief. It kind of stinks that I like Commander in Chief so much because I would definately watch EARL and The Office which are on at the same time otherwise. When we are rich I will get Tivo. Then I can watch five shows a week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Actor Ramblings

Well, turns out the cast my part in The Metrosexual before I even got to audition. I was pretty depressed when my agent called with that news. I'm prepared for not getting anything I audition for, even a third callback...but I wasn't prepared to get the call that the audition was cancelled. For some reason that stings a lot more.

But...the pilot is going well. I'm very involved and have pretty much become the casting director now. It's fun to have agents and managers calling me and kissing up. It's a strange industry that can turn on a dime like that. I'm holding auditions tomorrow for three roles...then I have an audition in LA tomorrow night and another on Friday. I'm learning that the more roles you can play (not actor "roles", but business "roles") the better your odds all around.

I've started looking for a manager this week as well. I've never had one because every agent I've ever had had convinced me that I don't need to give away another 10-15%. I'm not desperate for one, but I'm looking for some help to break into the networks.

Eli has been sick and home from school for two days. He seems almost back to normal tonight though (fighting with Aidan and all that.)

Off to watch LOST now...it has been nice to watch TV this season. It's the first autumn in three years that I haven't been stuck in the basement of the RIO every evening.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good Things.

After two weeks and giving up hope, I received a third callback for the feature film, The Metrosexual. They are supposed to start filming November 2, so we should be getting close to the final decisions. At first I was called in for a supporting role, then called back to read for the lead. This time they want to see me as the sidekick. I definately fit this character description better than the others. I've read the script and this character is in most of the movie...a very big part. That's Tuesday.

Also, the sit-com pilot that I mentioned earlier is progressing very well. They have pulled me into the writing and production meetings. I haven't signed a contract yet, but they verbally promised to make me a writer and co-producer...which could be a very big deal if it gets picked up, financially speaking. We have a writer's meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nearly Normal

The weeks are starting to develop a pattern, which is kind of nice. We are getting used to school and pre-school, though Eli has been experiencing some "bully" issues. Debbie has been working most everyday and enjoying it. I'm averaging about four auditions per week and seem to be working at least once or twice a month on something. The teaching is still a rewarding thing for me on Friday nights. So far so good with church as a whole. Being part-time is great. I have no desire to return full-time...actually less than ever, but it has been nice to use my teaching and leadership gifts on a regular basis.

I have an audition tomorrow for a small part in a feature film and I also have my third class at Margie Haber Studios. They have been good for me. I can feel some sort of breakthrough coming soon with them.

The state of Nevada sent us $275 because they ran a surplus last year and wanted to return some tax money. It almost made me want to move back. Almost. I promptly spent it on new brakes for the mini-van. There is nothing more exciting than getting unexpected money in the mail...and nothing quite so depressing as using it to fix a car.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tar Pits, Heaven and a Booking

Here we are at the La Brea Tar Pit Museum in LA this weekend. Memaw and Papaw Colbert were here and we had a nice visit, though I wasn't able to be around much at all the last two days. Monday I worked all day on a one-hour documentary for the History Channel called "Heaven." I played the father of a ten year old girl who died and came back to life a few minutes later. The project was very interesting considering my background and all. It should air the first of the year.

Today I had my first of eight classes at Margie Haber Studios. I'm pretty sure that it will be a good thing for me. I had a quick audition for a cell phone commercial after that and then drove back to the OC to meet with a producer/director who is making a TV pilot in the vein of The Office/The Comeback/Curb Your Enthusiasm. We had already spoken on the phone and he offered me a leading role after the interview. He's a music producer breaking into TV and the project sounds very fun. They want me to be a writer as well. It pays a little upfront, plus some on the backend...and it could be big if it gets picked up. They will be shopping it to Showtime, HBO, etc. I'm not banking on it being my big break...but I am excited to collaborate and work in my favorite genre-mockumentary.

I'm hoping for a third callback on the film that I read for last week. It seems within the realm of possibility. As always...we shall see.

Tomorrow is a virtual day of rest. Debbie will be working and I'll take care of the kids after school. Doug and Jennifer Parks are coming in Thursday which will be nice.

Well...I'm going to bed now. I've been up before 5:00 am two days in a row. Most of you know how rare that is...