Monday, June 26, 2006

Time to come home yet?

I'm on a two-hour break before heading to downtown Houston for our last stop here. Tomorrow is a day off and then we fly to Atlanta. It's hot and humid in Texas. 17 days and I'll be home. That sounds like a long time, but it feels short compared to the 53 day contract that I signed back in April. I miss my family, but the end is near now.

Everyday is different, but also very much the same.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh no.

My Blackberry Saga continues. I left my phone in a cab about eight hours ago and it is still MIA. If you have called, sorry. I'm going to have to replace it tomorrow if it doesnt turn up...

It is unreal how losing your cell phone can effect you. I've felt naked all I can't function. (Not that I can't function naked...those were two different feelings I guess.)

Anyway, maybe the universe will let my phone find me...if not I'm getting my third new blackberry in 13 months...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deep in the heart of Texas...

I've been in Dallas for about five days's hot and very different than LA. It reminds me of Ohio with Las Vegas weather. The people are generally very nice and excited to see us. They think the stuff we are doing is cool. We spent a Day at Six Flags and another at the Fort Worth Zoo. The zoo was my favorite venue yet because I like zoos and we were given a tour before the park opened.

I miss everything about home. Debbie and the kids first of all, but also the work at church and in Hollywood. Strangely, I've missed my friends from Vegas more than ever. Just part of being alone I guess.

It's not a crippling or anything, just noticable. I'm actually very glad to be removed from the people and things I love because it is making me love them more and helping to sharpen my thinking about the future. I look forward to coming home a little different.

My new friends are great. They bought my dinner tonight at Olive Garden for Father's Day. We have had a lot of laughs and some very deep and spiritual discussions. I'm happy to be on this particular journey.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

For Eli


I'll be home in 27 days....have a great day. I love you.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Improv Matters

I wish I had more exciting things to report from the road, but time is passing quickly as we work in different venues and places along the way. The promotional work has overtaken the perfomance work of late. I have been able to see Debbie and the kids a lot so far...they spent the weekend at the hotel with me and we had my team over for dinner last night. I was very happy that Deb could meet them. It's the same old story and probably the deepest reason why I am an actor/improvisor...there is, generally speaking, an instant friendship, respect and understanding among fellow actors. This seems magnified among improvisors since trust is so important in the craft. I was glad to bring that feeling to my home for a few hours. begins the time away. Exactly one month as it turns out. A week in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Orlando. I fly home the morning of July 13,

Hopefully the next four weeks will move as quickly as the first three.

Peace from the journey...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Long Day Again

We are in Anaheim for two days before flying to Dallas. Debbie and the boys are here at the hotel with me. We had a twelve hour day today. To those of you who keep calling to check in, thanks! I hope to have some down time to call you all soon.

Things are more panic attacks and the team is getting along.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

From the Hampton LAX

The last few days have been very busy and it looks like it will continue. The filming and performing is great, but the promotional stuff is difficult work. I get to go home for two days after work tomorrow. I'm very ready for that...which is daunting considering I will be gone for 29 straight days coming up. Overall, I'm still pretty happy about the whole thing.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm OK

So, I went to the doctor and she's pretty sure that I did have a panic/stress attack. She urged me to see a psychiatrist, which I will do when the tour is over or sooner if I have another episode. All of the heart tests came back fine. Thanks to all of you who checked in on me.

Today marks the official launch of the website ( Feel free to visit. We also had a full page ad in the USA Today and Wall Street Journal today. We were at Hilton HQ in Beverely Hills early this morning and have a few hours off before hitting the Dodgers game at 5:00. It's work for sure...but fun for the most part.

I'm getting lots of emails and calls...thanks for the support and keep them coming...I'll have slower days coming up to return the favor.