Friday, April 28, 2006

Back at it.

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post. I'm always struck by the diversity of my friends across the world. I actually think it's something I'm quite proud of. I had an audition today for a series regular as the host of an ABC reality show. It's kind of Extreme Makeover meets ebay. It's already been sold for a summer run though. I didn't feel great about it, but stranger things have happened. Tomorrow is the final callback for the TV commercial for the Hampton campaign...which is seperate from the web, print and improv tour that I have already booked. It's a little odd because I will be auditioning for the people who just hired me in Chicago along with several other guys who auditioned here in LA earlier this week. Part of me is very confident and part of me isn't. I have another commercial audition tomorrow as well. They should start slowing in a week or two since the shooting days will start to conflict with the tour.

We are settling into the house nicely. We've been here exactly one month, but this was the first week with all of us here everyday. The kids are loving the backyard and the extra room to play. Debbie meet several neighbor ladies at a birthday party last weekend for one of Aidan's pre-schoolmates. It's starting to feel like home.

And one last note, Terry from Survivor rules.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm a Hampton Bed Head

OK, so I got the Hampton Inn gig. I flew into Chicago on Wednesday and the callback was all day Thursday. The first hour of the callback was short form improv, a la, Who's Line is it Anyway. That was my first clue that I might do well. They brought in 8 improv actors from LA, 8 from NYC and 8 from Chicago. By 5:00 they had selected six guys and two girls for the job. The job includes web commercials, print and a seven-week tour across the nation doing improv and marketing for Hampton. I was made the manager of the western/southern tour which goes to LA, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Orlando. We are in LA for at least eleven days which is a great bonus in terms of spending extra time with Debbie and the boys. All of us are also being considered for a naitonal commercial series for TV...

I almost didn't go because I was worried about leaving my family for so long, but it seems right to both Debbie and myself...the Hampton people were great about considering my family and placing me in the west. They also said that Debbie and the boys could visit and stay for free at the hotels. We are concluding in Orlando and may attach a family vacation at Disney there.

For better or worse you will be able to follow me around the nation via the website when it launches in late may. (The same day the tour starts-May 25.) We will be making short films of our adventures and posting them on the site. The campaign is called "The Bedheads" and we will be wearing messy hair for the entire tour as we travel around entertaining America. Shakespeare it aint, but it's a real gig.

More to come...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm going to Chicago tomorrow...I made the final 14 for the Hampton Inn Improv project. I don't know if I want this job or not, but I'm going to go see what it's all about. They will let six go after Thursday's auditions...the other eight are offered the job.

San Francisco was great today. It is one of my favorite places on the planet. We shot all over town and I had a lot of fun. Today was the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake...a very interesting day to be there. I awoke at 5:12 am to the earthquake sirens blaring in memory of the exact moment the quake hit. Needless to say, I was pretty confused and not feeling too secure in my hotel room on the 29th floor.

I'm glad to be home, if just for a few hours. If you are a praying type of person we could use some help in discerning this job if it's offered...

Monday, April 17, 2006

What will be...

This week could go so many different ways...It's hard to know how to plan for it. Today at 3:00 I fly to San Francisco to do the Intel gig. I fly back tomorrow at 10 pm. (That much we know for sure.)

A few days ago I audutioned for what amounts to a traveling improv team. It's part of a Hampton Inn promotion and may also include national commercial spots. They auditioned improv actors in LA, NY and Chicago. They called to say that I was in the top ten from LA and of the top 30 overall. They will be selecting 14 to fly to Chicago Wednesday for the final callback. They will be deciding tomorrow, so I won't know if I'm going until a few hours before the plane leaves.

Once there, if I make it there, they will cut the 14 down to 8 who will be contracted and immediately go into shooting commercial spots. It would involve about six weeks of travel this summer...and I'm not honestly sure if I really want to be gone that long. They have only said that it "pays well" which could mean anything.

If it comes to that we will be needing a lot of discernment to walk through the decision process in a short amount of time.

I'll post when I hear from them.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Things...

Debbie and the boys get back tomorrow morning. Bachelorhood is overrated. It will be nice to be back together again. My buddy Gregg Stokes has come through yet again...I will be doing my third project for his company next week. I fly to San Francisco Monday to do a "man on the street" video for Intel. Looks like fun. I also found out today that I am on avail for a project in Las Vegas next week. Good things.

Being a loner this week I was able to watch two movies, both of which were great. I saw Walk the Line on video a few days ago. Also, I saw Thank You for Smoking at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood before my Cold Reading Class a few nights back. It was very witty and well done. I liked it a lot. Now I'm going to watch Good Night and Good Luck.

So...Good Night. And, Good Luck.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I just found out...

8:00 pm on the HISTORY CHANNEL. I play "Doug" the father of a girl who has a near death experience. I'm unsure of the exact title of the show...something about Heaven.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finally back home

I haven't stopped to think for a few days now. Debbie and the boys left Thursday night to go to Indiana for the week. The next morning I shot a commercial for Lending Tree all day until Lifelines. It was close. I wrapped at 5:00 in LA and pulled into the church parking lot at 6:55. Today I read for the casting director of How I Met Your Mother. It went well.

I'm home now and very tired. I was considering going back to Vegas this week sometime, but now I'm unsure if it will work out with my audition schedule. I'm going to crash tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. Perhaps some great epiphany awaits...I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We're in

We have made it in the house! For the most part things are in order now. The cable and internet was hooked up yesterday. We have been enjoying the little things not associated with apartment living: doing the laundry without going outside, hanging pictures on the wall after midnight, getting the mail without a key, etc.

We had a huge team of people help us move this weekend. Thanks so much to you guys if you read this.