Monday, September 26, 2011

Join me?

There are two events very close to my heart this coming weekend. If you live near Cincinnati, I'd love to invite you to both. The Vineyard's Prom for adults with special needs is this Friday. I have never met someone who volunteered at the Prom who didn't walk away changed by the experience. It is one of the greatest reflections of community and love that I get to experience every year. There is still room to volunteer to serve in a variety of capacities. Just click here to learn more. Also, this Saturday, the day after the Prom, our latest movie Fenced Off has its world premiere at the Cincinnati Film Festival. We are very excited that the movie will be seen first here in Cincinnati. It is my second year in a row to have a film in the festival and I'm honored to be associated with it. If you'd like to join us for the premiere, you can reserve tickets at this link. Check out the Fenced Off trailer below: