Saturday, March 31, 2007

What do Anna Nicole, Craig Ferguson and Will Ferrell have in common?

The weeks are flying by lately. I feel like I just posted here, but it was a week ago. This week coming up includes our presentation at Warner Bros. for my film and a spring break trip to Kansas City to see my parents' new place. We are all excited to leave town for a few days and see them. I have an audition next week for the Anna Nicole TV movie - nice, huh? It's actually for Larry Birkhead, whom I don't think I look like at all. I was submitted for Howard K. Stern and they said I look more like Birkhead. It's all so crazy anyway. Nothing says "the next step up" from soap operas like a TV movie!

The new improv show "Thank God You're Here" airs on April 9. I have a feeling it's gonna be big. I had auditioned for it a while back along with several other improv shows coming out soon. I just auditioned for a new improvised pilot hosted by Craig Ferguson called The Wizard. Lots and lots of improv stuff out there and I'm hoping to land something fun.

Debbie and I have lined up a babysitter tonight, which can mean only one thing - Blades of Glory! Nothing like Will Ferrell in spandex on a Saturday night. The previews feel more like Anchorman than his last few comedies, and that is a very good thing as far as I am concerned. I'll let you know what I think afterward. I have happy comedy vibes right now though.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Doing Better

I can't believe it has already been one week since the afore mentioned dental tragedy. I'm doing much better now. It will take a few monhts to fix everything, but the cost turned out to be a bit less than my frustrated estimate. It also has inspired me to floss everyday and stay up to date with my other exams. (I made a trip into the eye doctor this week as well.)

I spent most of the week working on the film. Our second, and hopefully last, investor meeting will be at Warner Brothers on April 4th. That will be my primary focus until then. After that I hope to be able to turn my attention toward casting and directing. Several name actors are reading the script this week...I hope to have some exciting new soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My tooth fell out.

Last night. 10pm. Half-way through a Burger. Just fell out. I guess because I don't floss everyday? That seems to be the verdict. I spent over three hours today getting an emergency root canal.

Turns out it was a $3,000 burger.

So far, I'd rate this weekend a little below average.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Workin Man

So...turns out producing (and now directing) a feature film turns into a full time job. I'll be in an office either at Warner Brothers or at a place in Hollywood starting in less than two weeks. I haven't had office hours for about seven years, so that should be interesting. The commute may take a toll as well. Getting there should be fine, but coming home is sometimes a 2-hour nightmare.

It looks like we are going to come in around half-funded from the Las Vegas event, so we will be doing a similar presentation at Warner in a few weeks for socal people. I am very excited to move past the fund raising and focus more on directing, casting, etc. I have learned more than I ever thought I could through this process already and look forward to the next chapters.

I've only had two auditions in the last two weeks - one for Drive on Fox and another for a commercial. I worked a bit on General Hospital again playing the same character - no lines this time. This all seems to be working out, because there is no way I could be auditioning everyday and working on this film right now. I've had to limit my auditions to TV and commercial anyway since I can't book an extended film gig with this coming up in June.

Otherwise, the rest of our life seems to be in working order. My lovely bride has a birthday coming up Friday. I think she is officially old enough now that I'm not allowed to publish her age online. I'll just say that we will be the same age for three weeks before my 34th birthday on April 9th. So, yeah...she's turning 26 or something like that.

Happy Birthday Deb.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm on TV Tuesday Night

I have a co-starring role on American Heiress this Tuesday, March 13. It is the pilot episode of a night-time soap opera for My Network TV. I play one of the assitants to the main character and have about four lines. It is channel 13 in LA/'ll have to check local listings to find out where it is on your dial.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


A lot of people are asking about the big investor's meeting in Las Vegas on Sunday. It went very well. We are still talking with lots of people and figuring out where we stand officially, but it was succesful by all accounts. I'll give you more info as it comes up.