Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Official

Tonight at Apex we announced that we will be moving to LA soon. We are leaving Las Vegas June 8 and plan on arriving in southern California in early July after a visit to see our families in the midwest. I've been waiting until after tonight to breach the subject here.

It looks as though I will be taking a part-time position teaching at a Frinday night church service in Orange County, though our primary motivation for moving is to pursue acting. We had decided to live in Burbank, which is near Hollywood, but now we are reconsidering some places between there and Costa Mesa, where the church is.

There were about five or six weeks earlier this year when I was driving to LA two to four days per week for auditions and work. Things have slowed down in May, but that's to be expected. It feels like the right time to test the waters. Debbie's excited for the adventure as well, otherwise we wouldn't be going. The kids sort of understand and seem excited to live closer to the beach and Disneyland.

We're sad to leave our friends here, but there is no doubting that God has had his hand in this decision. We look forward to how he will lead us in the coming months and years.

It's only 300 miles away. We plan on visiting often, and I will still be working and auditioning in Vegas often...probably monthly.

I have many more thoughts, but I think this gets the facts out. Much love to all of you who have shared the last ten years with us in Las Vegas. It will feel like home for many years to come.